The First Contract-Consecration of Six Novices of the Schoenstatt Fathers

VW Christustr2A testimony written by the new members

The 6th September 2015 is one of the most remarkable days in our life. After two years of Novitiate we have signed our First Contract for two years, in the presence of Fr Juan Pablo Cataggio, the General Superior of our Community, and other Fathers and brothers. The Novitiate gave us the strength to realize the divine call of God and it was also a grateful time to understand the spirituality and the history of our Schoenstatt Movement. The two years of Novitiate start with the so-called closed period of one year, which concerns primarily the inner process of the individual and the foundation of a course community. During this period we had the opportunity to take part in the jubilee celebrations of the international Schoenstatt Family.

VW Christustr1Six new members from Germany and India

After the closed year we did our regency in different hospitals where we have experienced the challenge and the difficulties of the society. After five months of regency we started a period of internal studies with courses about the covenant spirituality and the teachings of our father and founder Fr Joseph Kentenich. At the end of our Novitiate we made a four week pilgrimage to Lourdes in France.

After these two years of intense formation, with hearts full of joy and gratitude towards our Community we knelt before the MTA: Stephy Gilbert, Michael Weweler, Johannes Oelighoff, Terance Kodiyan, Jakob Busch and Sajin Joseph Vernoor. The Fathers' Community welcomed the new members with applause. Afterwards we continued our feast with a supper in the Father House. We are very thankful for everyone's valuable prayers and support. It was an admirable occasion for us where we experienced the love of God and received the courage to respond with a deep YES towards His call.

We thank all Fathers who witnessed our First Contract as well as our formatores, our parents and relatives, and our benefactors.



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