The search for security, freedom, community and God

2 1“THE CONTEXT OF THE JUBILEE OF MAY 31 1949: JUBILEE IN A TIME OF TWILIGHT” a talk given by Fr. Guillermo Carmona, was the inspiration text for the topic of the day for the Plus Two Students as well as for the B Com. We emphasized on four main important topics they are;
• The search for security.
• The search for freedom.
• The search for community.
• The search for God.

The first Report is about the Plus two students' meeting:

The search for security

We gave awareness to the students about the need for security in our modern life style.
There is no greater need— or greater search— than for security. The world has been transformed into an insecure and unstable place. We believe that the visible cause of this security is the permanent change—and the constant Instability which this produces. We live in a high-speed world. Time is shortened. The mobility of "nomad" objects—cellular phones, laptop computers, etc.—and a "throw-away" society lead to a society of advance planning and "everything at once." But values have also changed and an earthquake has shaken the earth—casting down foundations which were once more or less immutable and secure while rising up new ones.
As a practical example we made them to enact the proper way of driving two wheeler.

2 2The search for freedom

Our times have been defined as the times of the "I". Where the "we" was once predominant—in customs, norms, behavioral conventions—we now find the "I." Conventions and norms of conduct have been abandoned in favor of more personal options and ways of life. The question is no longer so much "What must I do?" but "What do I want?
We gave an activity for the students to paint on a white sheet as each one likes. As a result we got a painting which no one could define what it really is. We made the students to reflect on the wrong use of freedom and the negative impact that create in the society.

The search for community

A buzzword being used today to define society is globalization. We are tired of hearing it at every gathering or meeting. But we cannot ignore it. The world it has become a very small place. In the 1960s the Canadian professor Marshall MacLuhan coined the term "global village." The planet has become a village with muddy boundaries. If I need to contact a brother in Burundi, I can send him an e-mail that arrives in minutes and costs pennies. The Internet is the temple of globalist society. We are in a time of historic change. The links of communication embrace the whole world. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, millions celebrated at the same instant all over the world. Multimedia presentations, electronicmail, satellites and computers and above all the Internet have overcome all distances.

2 3Newspapers, information, web pages, contacts with far-away cities, business, love and hate—it is all on the web. It would seem that the first commandment of the century is you have to communicate, even if you do not have much to say. But even cultures and lifestyles have been turned universal. Travel the world and you will find a global style. The motto is: everything must be fast, big and uniform. With Coca-Cola, the beverage and symbol that courses through the veins of Western capitalism. Jeans are the veritable uniform of the world and the object of big business and advertising. Calvin Klein forges ahead with catchy slogans to sell its jeans.
We made the students to think about the need for a community. People joining together for a good purpose are always interesting. We gave the students balloons and they wrote their names on it. As we have tied all balloons together it was beautiful.


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The B Com students conversed the issues in a simalar way:

BCom 1Searching for Security

We took one Helmet as a symbol of security. We made the students to think about the importance of security measures and the difficulty that we have to face in our lives.

Searching for community

The need of communication was made clear to the students. They all were happy to hear the importance of friendship and community. We made the students to come forward and call their friend to the stage by telling one good quality that the person possess.

As the students wrote the name of friend in balloons and those different colour balloons were bound together which was an interesting activity for the students. The next days’ notice board was prepared with those balloons.

BCom 2



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