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New-Gen 2016 in Mary Matha Schoenstatt Bhavan



Schoenstatt Fathers in Kerala, India, conducted this year - it has already become a tradition - a teenage camp for both boys and girls called NEW GEN-2016 in Mary Matha Schoenstatt Bhavan, Aloor (Kerala, South India). There were 44 participants and 12 coordinators for this four days programme.





Live in society with a new spirit

We aimed to motivate the young participants to think how can they live in the society with a revived spirit. The theme of the camp was "Young people and the Nature". Young people sense the need of respecting nature. The question was mainly our concern for the nature, also inspired by the recent Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis "Laudato si'". The cause of natural calamities was also theme of our camp. The youth discussed mainly about the ways and means to respect the nature and above all the Waste Management. We observed the well planed system of Waste Management in western countries. A programme of Waste Management was worked out in this camp which is very practical, and young people promised their cooperation. Practical resolutions were in such a way our little contributions to preserve the nature.



Meeting the young couples of the Family League

The camp also included other experiences: youth mass, sharing with Schoenstatt Family League, seminars, group discussions and presentations, party games, video presentations, yoga class and camp fire. During the presentation of the Schoenstatt Family League, it became clear that most of the young couples had already been members in our Schoenstatt youth groups before marriage. They attended many of our camps. They shared their experiences in the camps and invited the 2016 camp participants to personally join the Schoenstatt Youth Movement.

At the end of the camp all boys and girls made their promise to our Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt, and then went home with a renewed spirit as messengers of the MTA.

News prepared by Bro. Jerin Chundal





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