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The superior studies

After the novitiate, the philosophical and theological studies follow. Depending on the studies already concluded by the individual member prior to novitiatie and on the curriculum in each country, the study will go on for about 3-5 years and will take place in a college or university accredited by the Church and if possible also by the respective state.

The consecration-contract in the course of study

Membership in the Community takes place in stages, always by request of the individual and acceptance on the part of the Community. It begins with the admission to the novitiate, which concludes with a first consecration-contract valid for 2 years. This consecration-contract may be renewed for another 2 years. A third temporal consecration-contract follows, which may be signed for different periods (1 to 3 years), depending on how much time the individual member needs until he can complete the studies and reach the diaconate.

It is followed by the "perpetual contract-consecration" - together with the diaconate ordination - which applies to the rest of the member's life. According to the wish of our founder, who has always wanted to build upon free attachments, our Institute has a special privilege: the contract with the Community may be terminated freely even after the perpetual consecration-contract after careful consideration. On the part of the Community this can not happen (at most in a special procedure after serious infringements of the individual against the reputation and discipline of the Community or the Church).

Christ Cross

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