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Roots in our own life history

Many of us got to know the Movement by participating in the Schoenstatt youth. Or in the Schoenstatt Families, where our own parents participated. The experience of community life, the concrete work on forming the personality and the vital experience of faith led to the decision: This is worthwhile, for this I can engage my whole life!

Each one of us lives out of an inner identification with Schoenstatt. The vocation to follow Christ is connected to the service to Schoenstatt. In our days, there are many different ways to work for the Church. Our way is the Covenant of Love and the faith in God's conduction (Divine Providence). 

We work at the centers of the Movement: places of grace, of community and of covenant culture. We strengthen our groups and communities as living cells of hte parishes and dioceses.

We live out of Schoenstatt and for Schoenstatt

We live from the sources of Schoenstatt's spirituality. We identify ourselves with the founder, Fr Joseph Kentenich. We orientate ourselves by his experience of God, his missionary awareness and his love for the Church. His attachment to Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a model for us. His pastoral style orientates our action.

We are locally attached to our Schoenstatt shrines. We think and act overregionally and globally. Hereby we strengthen the worldwide unity of the Movement and foster its growth.

Through Schoenstatt the priestly vocation has been awakened in us. So we live and work for Schoenstatt, and we want to be, together with the whole Movement, a sign of hope in the Church.


Schoenstatt Vaticano


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