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Sion Garb reception in Bangalore, India


On 15 September 2016, we, the novices from India, received our Sion Garb and were officially accepted as members of the Sion community. It was the most memorable day of our life, as we have taken the decisive baby step towards the priesthood.


We began our spiritual preparation for this mega event of our life well ahead. 40 days prior to the reception of Sion Garb, we engaged ourselves in special prayers and in collecting the contributions to the capital of grace. We have put our hearts together and discovered a motto and a symbol for the day. The motto was: “To be a new man of Living Covenant”. Our meticulous preparations were enkindled through the various classes, exercises and seminars.


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On the day of reception we were privileged to have Fr John Peter Savarimuthu, the regional superior of the MTA Region. The reception ceremony began at 11am with the Eucharistic adoration, followed by the celebration of Holy Eucharist. Fr John Peter made us aware in his sermon that we were clothed with Christ and that our formation would be taken care of by Christ from now on. Fr Jiju Kilukkan, a member of the regional council of the Providence Region, blessed our Sion Garbs and Fr John Peter handed them over to each one of us. Fr Joy Puthussery, Fr Hans-Werner Unkel along with our novice master Fr Celestine and brothers from our study house Kentenich Vidyaniketan enhanced our joy and fraternity.

With the pearls gathered together as an expression of our contributions to the capital of grace, we had made a garland and honored our MTA, offering it to her. At the end of the mass we proceeded to the shrine and presented ourselves with the Sion Garb to our Blessed Mother. It was a spiritfilled moving moment for every one of us, as we renewed our personal Covenant of Love in our shrine. We concluded the ceremony with a fraternal meal in our novitiate house.

Brother Roy Davis Kaitharathil, ISch



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